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This project is no longer maintained

Gif Creator is a PHP class that can be used to create animated GIF images, adapted from the gifmerge class by László Zsidi.

This version can compose animations using images of different formats that are converted to GIF and resized to the animation size before assembling the animation if necessary. These features use GD, if available, and are disabled if GD is unavailable.

It also supports custom horizontal and vertical offsets, transparency and disposal settings on a per-frame basis.


Date Version File
29/12/2009 0.3 gif-creator-0.3.tar.gz

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7 thoughts on “GIF Creator”

  1. Hi, could you publish a little more documentation on this class? I have successfully used László’s class, but was frustrated with the lack of transparency support.

    1. There is an example file on PHP Classes which has examples of the majority of the features, I’ll add this to my site when I get the chance too and anything else that is missing.

  2. When I combine two transparent gifs with the transparency array set to -1, the animated gif has a black background irrespective of any change I make in the array. Please help. Thanks.

  3. I used the example in your archive, and I can set the transparency colour on a per frame basis. But if I start with transparent gifs with no background colour, the animated gif loses its transparency even if the transparency array is set to -1. How do I get over this? The original script of Lazlo Zsidi’s also appears to suffer from this handicap. I’d appreciate enlightenment. Thanks.

  4. Sorry for the bombardment, Phil. But I found Lazlo’s solution in reply to a querist on the same issue works with your script. It did not work with Lazlo’s script. Good work. More power to you. Thanks.

    1. It’s been a while since I’ve used the library myself, but I think if you have transparency then you must set a positive colour value for the transparency or it will become black as you described. Hope this helps.

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