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Installing ClusterControl with an existing cluster and Nginx

ClusterControl is a comprehensive tool for managing and monitoring MySQL and MongoDb clusters, more information can be found here: ClusterControl comes with some great scripts for automating deployment, however there are a number of hard coded dependencies (like Apache) which make it a rather more painful process to integrate with your existing systems. Background […]


Some observations while upgrading Percona XtraDB Cluster from 5.5 to 5.6

I followed the Percona guide to upgrade my XtraDB Cluster (MySQL + Galera) from 5.5 to 5.6, details can be found here: The upgrade process I included putting the upgraded nodes into read only mode and I performed an additional step to reconfigure the xinetd process used to run clustercheck after installing the new […]


Showing the correct client IP in logs and scripts when using Nginx behind a reverse proxy

I’ve noticed when it comes to use of reverse proxies such as HAProxy to serve high availability websites that many people seem to struggle to get the real client IP address both in their server logs and scripting languages (e.g. PHP). This is actually really easy to do, but it seems that the methods are […]


Virtual and cloud server benchmarks

I’ve been running some benchmarks on a number of popular virtual and cloud service providers, to see what you really get for your money. All tests are being run on an empty unused server, I have run each test more than once but have generally seen little variation so have only posted the best result […]


Migrating to MySQL 5.5 on Ubuntu

MySQL 5.5 has been GA since December 2010, however there are currently no deb packages available. Ubuntu takes all (or most of) it’s packages from the unstable Debian branch, hence the natural order of things is for Debian maintainers to do the leg work (e.g. creating the build scripts) and then Ubuntu can use this […]