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New features in PHP 5.4

The next iteration of 5.4 looks like it’s more focused on cleaning up the language than features. It appears many of the previously deprecated functions are now, as promised, removed completely. As this article is about features, here is a quick summary of the other changes: Removed: break/continue $var syntax Removed: register_globals, allow_call_time_pass_reference, and register_long_arrays […]


GoMySQL 0.2

Today the latest version of GoMySQL is available from the Github repository. This is a beta version and can be obtained by checking out the master branch. This version includes bug fixes and standardisation of function format, it will also include some new features which will be added over the next few days.


First Go Library

My first library written in the Go programming language, GoMySQL, is now complete and available to download from my projects pages. The library fully implements the MySQL protocol and supports the majority of the common features found in other libraries, including: Single queries Multiple queries Change database Prepared statements There are a number of other […]