A shaky start for Ubuntu 10.04 Desktop

Whereas I have been running Lucid since beta1 on my laptop without too many issues, my desktop PC doesn’t get upgraded until release day.

After eventually managing to download the ISO, loading 5 different email backups to find my Nero key and waiting half an hour for the Lightscribe to burn onto the CD I finally got to boot the live CD….

Flashing cursor…
Power saver mode…
[2 minutes go by]
Screen powers on…
Strange Windows 7 blockiness (presumably something left in the video memory)…
[Another minute goes by]
Desktop, finally.

Install goes smoothly, nice to see the migration wizard is disabled by default and has clear options, should you choose to use it.

Try to reboot and machine hangs with just the desktop background.

Reset, restart…
The infamous flashing cursor…
Login screen…

I attempt to login and get a popup about power saving not working do I still want to logout? Odd… No I want to login really 🙂

Click continue, it goes away, finally get to the desktop.

One thing is immediately clear, Plymouth = EPIC FAIL.
So far it doesn’t work on Intel or Nvidia hardware, 2 of the 3 post popular video chip manufacturers!
I guess this is what happens when you name something after a scummy little city hidden away in the south west of England…

Testing continues…


FTTC coming to Sittingbourne this year!

I’ve just noticed that the FTTC rollout is coming to Sittingbourne, expected to be available by the end of the summer.
This is great news as we struggle to get 2Mbit where we live currently!

It’s a nice surprise that they have chosen Sittingbourne so early in the rollout as we were one of the last places to even get the 21CN. They’ve obviously realised how many of us live in new houses almost on the distance limit for ADSL, well done BT 🙂

A list of the exchanges that will get FTTC in the current rollout phase can be found here:


Ubuntu 10.04 Server, so far so good!

I upgraded one of my Karmic servers to Ubuntu 10.04 RC the other day.

The last upgrade from Jaunty to Karmic was a rather traumatic process, but thankfully this time round all went smoothly. Not really any overly noticeable changes this time round other than a few more things have moved into upstart (MySQL for example) and when I boot via KVM the new Plymouth boot screen is present, although not sure why this is even included in a server release.

It’s about as updated a LAMP setup as is possible including Apache 2.2.14, MySQL 5.1.41 and especially pleased they put in PHP 5.3.2 after the code freeze. On this server I’m actually running Zend Server CE (which already had PHP 5.3.2) as Zend are quicker to push out the updates, but on others I will stick with the default Ubuntu release.

What else can be said about a server OS? Well, it just works 🙂