Ubuntu 10.04 Preview (Desktop using VirtualBox)


Setting up the desktop edition of Lucid with Virtualbox was a little problematic at first. Install went fine and I rebooted to find myself in a very small desktop which was rather sluggish.

I opened up a terminal and installed the guest additions software:

sudo ./VBoxLinuxAdditions-amd64.run

(or use the x86 version for 32 bit).

After a reboot there is a lot of screen flashing and eventually a message comes up about low graphics mode.

To fix this login and perform the following:

gksudo gedit /usr/src/vboxvideo-3.1.4/vboxvideo_drm.c

Go to line 90:

.ioctl = drm_ioctl,

Replace it with:

                 .unlocked_ioctl = drm_ioctl,
                 .ioctl = drm_ioctl,

Then run:

sudo /etc/init.d/vboxadd setup

This solution came from this blog:

After rebooting following this fix the mouse pointer is invisible, so another fix is needed:




Section "InputDevice"
Identifier "Configured Mouse"
Driver "vboxmouse"
Option "CorePointer"

Reboot and everything should run nicely, including Compiz.

This solution came from here:

Checking for updates, there are 245 updates just a few days after the release of the beta, the dev team have obviously been busy! Unfortunately the updates broke the VBox addons again so I had to run the setup command above again to fix this and reboot.

I had a minor issue with resizing the VBox window to fit my screen, it messed up the panels and I had to unlock/reorganise them to fix this.

What’s new?

The most obvious change is the new UI, it’s almost exactly like I have Karmic skinned now so a nice change. It’s much more like OSX than the previous Human skin. The only thing I’m not a fan of is the decision to move the minimise/maximise/close buttons to the left hand side of the window.

It’s also quite noticeable that Google has disappeared and been replaced by Yahoo. I can’t help wonder how many people won’t change their default search provider right back to Google as the first thing they do with Firefox!

The next thing I noticed was that the ‘status’ button on the top panel had been given a bit of a rework, it now includes the ability to add ‘broadcast channels’ which are simply social network integration for Facebook, Twitter etc.

This pretty much sums up the noticeable changes, under the scenes there are obviously numerous package updates, what difference this makes to the OS will yet to be determined.

First Impressions

Overall the new design looks nice albeit a little too OSX-ish for my liking, the new colour screme is great though. The social networking integration is nice, the replacement of Google with Yahoo, not so much.
I had a few issues with slowness, crashes of plymouthd and occasional other errors but while this is a beta version these are to be expected.


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