Zend Server 5 / PHP 5.3.1 released

Today Zend announced the release of Zend Server 5.0, which also includes PHP 5.3.1.

I have performed an apt-get update/upgrade on my servers which worked without issue, however the GUI seams to be a bit buggy following the upgrade. Firstly it looks like some of the styles and images are wrong/missing and secondly the restart button doesn’t seam to work.

For full downloads visit the Zend website:


2 thoughts on “Zend Server 5 / PHP 5.3.1 released”

    1. Hi Shahar,

      I did try all the usual tricks, but no joy. I did a similar update on my work PC today which was running 4.0.6 / PHP 5.2 and this worked fine and all images were present and correct. It seams to be an issue with the PHP 5.3 release only.

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