Apple iPad…. Really not very exciting at all….

So the apparently long awaited Apple slate ‘PC’ has been announced, the latest proclaimed ‘revolutionary’ device from Apple.

Despite being a die hard Windows user when I see the next generation Apple release announcements there is usually at least something cool about them. First was the iPod, which is constantly being revamped with bigger and better features, secondly is the iPhone which when it was first released looked awesome. When reading the specs for the new iPad, the only thing I wonder is why???

The processor is a mere 1Ghz, offering no more than a high end mobile phone, a 1024×768 screen which again offers little more than a high end mobile phone, 3G is an optional extra and there is no camera. It also appears to run a modified iPhone OS with a limited number of applications (not including the app store obviously).

So you want a giant sized iPhone that doesn’t even fit in your pocket? The Apple iPod is for you, revolutionising pocket sizes!


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