jQuery chat plugin

The aim of the plugin is to provide a Facebook-like chatroom that can easily be added to any website. The plugin is written in Javascript and makes heavy use of the jQuery library to simplify implementation and integration.

The proposed features are:

  • Changable online status
  • Auto-away
  • Chatrooms
  • Private messaging
  • Friends list
  • Anything else that looks cool!

I have finished work on version 0.1 which is the first working version, here are a few screenshots:

The Status Menu
The status menu
The Friends List
The friends list
An example chat room
An example chat room

I have not added private messaging yet, but this will be added in a future version.

Targets for version 0.2:

  • Add private messaging
  • Improve PHP callback API
  • Improve speed of message display
  • Look at using persistent AJAX requests (Comet)


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